About Inner Light Consulting  

Hello.  Welcome.  I'm Amy Flynn, Founder of Inner Light Consulting.  

Inner Light Consulting provides holistic business and authenticity coaching to women who are seeking alignment with their gifts and talents while earning multiple streams of income.  

Within six sessions, you'll gain clarity and actionable strategies around your offerings.  After our collaboration, you'll feel a sense of empowerment and purposeful direction so that being in the flow of the marketplace feels joyful, adventuresome, nourishing, and sustainable. 

My Background and Education and Core Belief

I received my Masters and Ed.M degrees from Columbia University, Teachers College in 2007 in Psychological Counseling.  I minored in Business at St. John's University.  

So as to not waste a thing, I've utilized everything I've experienced thus far, professionally and personally, and spun it into a real passion for serving people who could benefit from my wisdom, efficiency and light.  

My core belief is that when you change your mindset and surrender worn out beliefs and ideas and use everything, especially failure, a whole new, rich life awaits.   

So, I'm a dedicated consultant and coach.  I was born optimistic.  I believe in tuning into the spiritual and your intuition as a guide and a means for birthing your vision.  I'm committed to the path that leads to authenticity, health, freedom, light, and sustainability.  The Inner Light Consulting community feels my support at every phase of their journey.

What I Offer

 I offer a dedicated space and time for your exploration so that alignment to flow into your business.  It's a sacred space.  Together we inventory (beliefs, models, plans, systems, policies, values, as they pertain to your enterprise), strategize and systematize your business creating a profitable rhythm within your business.  You'll enhance what works and/or create something brand new.

In addition to my formal education and experience, I provide focus and presence with a seasoned eye and access to keen intuition.  Using findings in neuroscience, cutting-edge business strategy, creative play and various spiritual traditions, I help you find business systems that work for you.  Though we focus on your business, I believe addressing everything you bring to our appointments from a holistic perspective.


Some testimonials I've received:

From a financial planning maven who is changing access to financial planning and financial abundance in Brooklyn, NY.  I worked with her when she was growing her start up business: 

"A year and a half into running my business full time and it is thriving and growing... I have hired 2 part-time assistants, formed an LLC and have gotten a lot of press for my work.  Amy helped me to counter some fears and doubts I had about going from an identity as a person to an identity as a business"  

~ Kristen Euretig, CEO, Brooklyn Plans

From a talented artist and Visual Designer I worked with mid-career:

"My work with Amy helped unlock my desire to find work that is more authentic to who I am. Through her sessions, exercises, homework and valuable insights I identified a set of values that defines the work I want to do going forward. Her approach is both practical and spiritual. It has helped me establish a priceless daily meditation practice. I find myself interviewing potential employers for work vs just being interviewed by them. Their set of values is now as important to me as my skill set and my contribution is to their business. This new sense of clarity and empowerment is a valuable tool for me as I both reimagine my current design career and explore new more creative income-generating endeavors like painting and declutter coaching. Amy has helped me see work and career through a more rewarding lens." ~ Debbie Meisenzahl, Artist and Visual Designer specializing in websites

From a 59 year-old dynamo who found and married her life partner after our collaboration: 

"I felt a connection with Amy the first time I met her...My life has changed beyond my wildest dreams. I am grateful to her for planting the seed for lifetime growth."

~Manja Yirka

You found me for a reason.  Let's connect today.