Change your thoughts and your life will change. ~ Universal Truth

Hello.  Welcome.  I'm Amy Flynn, Founder of Inner Light Consulting since 2010.  

I received my Masters and Ed.M degrees from Columbia University, Teachers College in 2007 in Psychological Counseling.  I minored in Business at St. John's University.  

You've come here because you're curious  .... and you want something:  a new business, nourishment of some kind, clarity, accountability, big bucks, more time, a loving relationship, creative flow, success, a sustainable pathway toward realizing a goal.  

A shift begins as soon as you contact me.  I invite discovery and hold space for the exploration.  

I've been thought of as a spiritual mechanic, an alchemist, a comedian, a witness, a wizard, a consultant, a creative midwife, a change agent. You get it: I'm helpful and human.  I see brilliance, light and infinite possibility.

In addition to my formal education and experience, I'm a sober presence with a seasoned eye and access to keen intuition.  Using findings in neuroscience, cutting-edge business strategy, creative play and various spiritual traditions, I help you find that place that feels honest and true.  

Some humbling testimonials I've received:

From a financial planning maven I worked with who was growing her start up business: 

"A year and a half into running my business full time and it is thriving and growing... I have hired 2 part-time assistants, formed an LLC and have gotten a lot of press for my work.  Amy helped me to counter some fears and doubts I had about going from an identity as a person to an identity as a business"  

~ Kristen Euretig, CEO, Brooklyn Plans

From a 59 year-old dynamo who found and married her life partner after our collaboration: 

"I felt a connection with Amy the first time I met her...My life has changed beyond my wildest dreams. I am grateful to her for planting the seed for lifetime growth."

~Manja Yirka

You found me for a reason.  Let's connect today.