Business Growth and Profitability: "A year and a half into running my business full time and it is thriving and growing... I have hired 2 part-time assistants, formed an LLC and have gotten a lot of press for my work.  Amy helped me to understand that a huge part of the business is not about the business at all - but about my own mentality and willingness to accept and appreciate abundance in my life.  She helped me to counter some fears and doubts I had about going from an identity as a person to an identity as a business.  ...Amy can help people to build up a foundation to building a mentality of abundance." ~ Kristen Euretig, CEO, Brooklyn Plans

Career Coaching: "My work with Amy helped unlock my desire to find work that is more authentic to who I am. Through her sessions, exercises, homework and valuable insights I identified a set of values that defines the work I want to do going forward. Her approach is both practical and spiritual. It has helped me establish a priceless daily meditation practice. I find myself interviewing potential employers for work vs just being interviewed by them. Their set of values is now as important to me as my skill set and my contribution is to their business. This new sense of clarity and empowerment is a valuable tool for me as I both reimagine my current design career and explore new more creative income-generating endeavors like painting and declutter coaching. Amy has helped me see work and career through a more rewarding lens." ~ Debbie Meisenzahl

Relationship Coaching:  "I felt a connection with Amy the first time I met her, in a social setting. During my initial, professional consultation with her I got a strong sense that she could help me with behaviors and patterns that were blocking me from a fulfilling, committed relationship. She created a comfortable atmosphere for me in which to share some deep emotional issues. With Amy's guidance, her creative ways in which to approach issues and my diligent work, my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams. I am grateful to her for planting the seed for lifetime growth." ~Manja Yirka

Relationship coaching: "Working with Amy is such a joy.  She lays out a path to follow, and guides me with compassion. She is able to change course when needed. Over the past few months I have learned transformational things about myself and the way I move through the world. She is guiding me through my resistance to build a more joy filled life with love and self-care."
~Meghan S.